My lab is a wonderful group of students and researchers that I work with, some of whom I’m an advisor for. And although economists don’t usually have labs in the way that a neuroscientist does, we still try to promote a sense of group camaraderie – for example through lab events!

Interested in Joining the Lab


-Skills that make an applicant stronger include:

  • Interest in innovation
  • Knowledge of machine learning, computer science, electrical engineering
  • Empirical analysis skills (statistics or econometrics)
  • Facility with programming (e.g. R, SQL, Python, etc.)

I am currently looking for graduate students interested in working on the following topics:

  • Trends in Computing: Analysis of where computer progress has come from and how it can be provided in the future (e.g. analysis of computer hardware, algorithms, alternate types of computing (quantum, optical))
  • Economics of Machine Learning: Which techniques are important and why?  What impacts will machine learning have for industry?  Public policy?  Sustainability?

Interested applicants should send me an email at